Tijamalira (Why We Cry)

My grade 10 Academic English teacher once said:

“Read, read, read, read, read… and then read some more.”

I’ve been doing Mr. Kehoe proud, especially since discovering the blog of Travis Lupick, the current rights media print intern at the Daily Times who self-identifies as (a) “writer. news junkie. obsessed with music. and I don’t sleep very much.”

Based on what I’ve read of Travis’ blog I’ve got some big shoes to fill at the Times, but I’m hoping our seemingly similar interests will at least ease the transition.

Also music-obsessed, tonight I read and write to the reggae sound of Lucius Banda (pictured above).

Once a politician and a member of parliament, top Malawian musician Lucius Banda was convicted of forging his Malawi School Certificate for Education – academic qualifications that enabled him to stand for parliament – in 2006 and served a prison sentence.  Banda’s political career ended with the conviction, but the popularity of his protest music in Malawi has endured (despite being banned by MBC state radio).

Listen to his summer 2011 track Tijamalira (Why We Cry) here:

Lucius Banda – Tikamalira (Why We Cry)

People of Africa, including Malawi, have realized that it is their responsibility to speak out and hold their government accountable.

Malawians refuse to be nothing.

We shall say something even if it means going to prison.

So what?

Malawians have to embrace the concept of active citizenship.

Because this is their country and, believe it or not, there’ll never be another Malawi.”

– lyrics from Lucius Banda’s Tikamalira (Why We Cry)


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Karissa Gall is a Canadian journalist.

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