Nsima Feast

A twist on the traditional Malawian dish.

As a vegetarian accustomed to North American cuisine (read: Subway), meal time in Malawi can be tricky.  Admittedly the mangos here are the best I have ever tasted, but you can’t live on mango alone.

Lettuce is in short supply, and raw fruits and vegetables without a peel are generally advised against for health reasons.  Add to that the fact that the nearest grocery store is a minimum 30 minute walk and you can’t go out after 6 p.m. unless you pay a driver, a fully-stocked fridge and pantry are things I’m learning to live without.  So when my JHR colleague Mara asks me what I’m making for dinner I may feign indecision for my own amusement, but we both know the answer: beans or rice, or beans and rice.

I’ve perfected the recipe.  I’ve contemplated the subtle smell, taste and textural characteristics of the dish.  And when I don’t want beans or rice, I pretend it’s something else.

For the past few days this particular coping mechanism has been reminding me of a scene in the movie Hook where Robin Williams’ Peter Pan and the Lost Boys imagine a colourful food banquet.

Inspired, I tracked down some food colouring and bought a big bag of corn flour, the one and only ingredient required to make nsima, the staple starchy food in Malawi.

Feast your eyes:

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About karissagall

Karissa Gall is a Canadian journalist.

One response to “Nsima Feast”

  1. Lori says :

    Looks yummy. Points for creativity, for sure!

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