Weekend Express coverage of some of the World Environment Day activity that is taking place in Malawi. More coverage to come as I’m working on a feature which will include coverage of this event, other events, and information on environmental issues affecting local human development and economic growth.

The Weekend Express


Minister of environment and climate change management Honorable MP Catherine Gotani Hara,on 5th June asked the citizens, the private sector and the civil society to put a combined effort in the achievement of the green economy.

The minister says this at Kalambo primary school in Area 25, when she presided over the function of the ‘world environment day’, which falls on 5th June. The day was set aside by the United Nations general assembly in 1972, and in Malawi, this year’s theme was “green economy: Does it include you?”

When speaking at the function, the minister acknowledged that the theme was sending a clear message that everybody can play a vital role in environment conservation and sustainable development.

“The theme sends a clear message that everyone is an important element of environmental conservation and sustainable development. It invites everybody to evaluate whether the efforts being taken by…

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