Karissa Gall is a Canadian freelance journalist currently working with Journalists for Human Rights.

She is working with the editorial staff of the Daily Times national newspaper based in Blantyre, Malawi as a rights media print officer, assisting in the production of human rights and governance content.

Karissa’s work experience, skills, education and contact information is available on her public LinkedIn profile.

Disclaimer: The postings on this site are Karissa’s own and do not necessarily represent the positions, strategies, opinions or beliefs of Journalists for Human Rights.


6 responses to “About”

  1. B. Neil says :

    Great article, Karissa.

    Grandma Neil

  2. karissagall says :

    Thank you Grandmama! Love you and miss you.

    • B. Neil says :

      Hi Karissa. I have been reading your articles. They are very informative. Some of my friends have been cutting your articles from the Chatham Daily News out and giving them to me. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Love Grandma

  3. Luc De Roeck says :

    Hallo Karissa (or shall I say your Belgian name Nicole?)
    I read your articles about Malawi. I do recognise my ignorance about that African country. I hope your writings may help those people to a better way of live. Your articles can help-even the Belgian people- to help and clear the darkness. Bravo Karissa-Nicole!
    Luc (at the Belgian side of the ocean)

  4. Luc De Roeck says :

    Hallo Karissa (or shall I call you with your Belgian name, Nicole?)
    I read your different articles about Malawi, that unknown part of dark Africa. I hope you may bring a little ‘sun’ with the people of Malawi, even for Belgiun, a ‘far away country’. Let your articles bring them at least a little part of goodness.
    Good articles, Karissa! Go on!
    Best greetings from the Belgian side of the ocean.

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